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Three Easy Steps to Follow When Reading an Astrology Chart Astrology is the study of the position of planets and stars with regard to how they affect personality traits.Zodiac charts are normally employed in the reading and interpreting personality and predict future behavior as a result.Being able to read an astrology chart and interpret it for yourself can grant insight into one’s own behavior.Anyone interested can do it well because it is very simple.Outlined below are simple steps to enable you read your star on a zodiac chart. Sign Reading and Interpretation You have to first locate your sign on the chart before you read it.There are twelve subdivisions on the outer rim of the chart.Your birth date will aid you in locating your sign here.The twelve sections on the chart of the zodiac are representative of twelve zodiac signs that represent various personalities.The second step is to learn the meaning of your sign after locating it on the chart.Many believe that your sign dictates your character.Examples of positive traits associated with Sagittarius include idealism, generosity and a great sense of humor while impatience and making of empty promises are its negative traits. Interpreting the Houses It is also important to locate your house on the chart.The triangular-shaped inner sections of the chart represent the houses.You will need an ascendant to be able to rightly place your house.At the moment of your birth, the point that was rising above the Eastern horizon by sign and degree is the ascendant.Proper location of the ascendant will then enable you read your different houses which stand for different aspects of your personality. Reading the Planets Planets are divided into two: personal and outer planets.Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are outer planets while the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars fall into the personal category.Different symbols are used on the chart to represent these planets: the sun is a circle with a dot at the center, the moon is a crescent shape while the male and female symbols are used for Mars and Venus respectively.Both the inner and outer planets point to various aspects of your personality.The location where planets appear will dictate how it will be interpreted.Your passion and drive are indicated by the planets.The manner in which you carry out tasks is represented by the houses while signs stand for areas of your life that require change or are already being changed. Understanding your sign from the astrology chart, through this simple process, will be helpful in your endeavor to understand yourself better.This will enable you to make informed decisions for your life.Put in mind all these steps if you want to get a clearer glimpse of what your sign means.

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