All you need to know about Haflong – A less known hideout in the Northeast

         Arunachal Pradesh offers attractive honeymoon tour packages in India.

In India, Arunachal Pradesh is situated on the eastern side. The border of Arunachal Pradesh is shared with the state of Assam in the southand in the southeast with Nagaland. To the east of Arunachal Pradesh,Myanmar/Burma is located and in the north-west, Bhutan. It also shares its borders with Tibet, a sovereign part of China. This state is also popularly known as “Land of Rising Sun” which is also a destination for honeymoon and romantic packages in India. This state is beautiful and has many attractive places which attract travellers all over the world and loving honeymoons. The state Arunachal Pradesh is having beautiful rivers, snow-capped mountains, green vegetation; fauna and flora and cultural heritage which is the main key factor for tourist attractions as well as among the best place offering honeymoon and romantic packages in India. Among the orchid’s of 1000 species in total, 600 among them present in Arunachal Pradesh itself. Both the foreign and Indian visitors need a permit to enter in Arunachal Pradesh.

Some of the Hill Stations in Arunachal Pradesh offering Honeymoon tour packages in India

Hill stations are the best places for refreshment on one’s life and for honeymoons. The pin drop silence in the hills, the beauty in nature, the snow-capped mountains, the cleanliness, everything soothing which purifies one’s mind and soul. Among them,there are few examples of hill stations offering honeymoon packages

  • Zero- this places is encircled by snow-capped mountains all over, and have rivers likeDafla, Apatani, Nishi, Miri and Subansiri among the main tourist attractions. Besides these, anyone in this place can also enjoy the tribal tour, speleology and the wildlife tour. This region offers the best Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India.
  • Haflong – this charming hill station is full of scenic beauty and charming. The green vegetation and blue orchards pleaseone’s The “along Lake” is the main attraction of the city, an untouched place by many which are mainly a spot in India Honeymoon and romantic packages.



  • Tawang- It is the main attraction for Buddhists and Buddhist’s Pilgrimage and also the hub of Buddhists monasteries. The other attractive places of this hill station are Tawanchu river, lakes, waterfalls and beautiful high mountains.

There are few cities in Arunachal Pradesh which are among the best places to visit in this state for honeymoon couples, these are-

  • Bomdila– this place is best for hiking and trekking in the lovelysnow-capped Anyone can have the view of gorgeous mountains and the landscape full of snow, apple trees, Buddhist monasteries and Pleasant weather.
  • Tawang- popularly known for Monpa tribes.
  • Itanagar- the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh is Itanagar.
  • Ziro- popularly known for forests of pine grove and crafts centre.

Some places you must see in Haflong

Haflong Lake-  It a vast lake covering a great area, an oasis of complete silence in the middle of hills. From 2015, the government of this state has undertaken the rights of this lake for beautification.

Haflong Hill– It is one of the main attraction of this place, with its divine beauty and greenery anyone can sit for hours or can take a walk with the loved ones to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Maibing- located at a distance of 47 Km from Haflong, it is the hub of ancient culture and art in Assam. This place is popular for Ramchandi Temple and pasrt in the era of 17thcentury, it was the capital of kingdom of DimasaKachari.

Silchar- It has this noteworthy bhuwaneshwar Temple which attracts tourists most.

Jatinga- It is most popular for “bird suicides”. It’s been said birds gets attracted by the bright colors and lights of the houses of this place and gets trapped somehow, which then killed by the hunters. This place is closely located in Haflong ridge. This phenomenon of suicide occurs mainly in the months starting from September to October at nights when mild showers and fogs set in.

Festivals of Haflong Hill

The festivals are carried away with beautiful dance performances  and local song, most of which originated from the region of Meghalaya, the place closely located to Haflong. Behdeinkhlam festival is very popular in this place which means exorcism of dark spirits.

The cities offer Cheap Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India.This state can be easily reached by both road, air and by railway.