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Six Reasons to Hire an Independent Financial Advisor Financial advice and planning can benefit everyone–not just the super wealthy. Solid financial planning might help you reach your financial aspirations and objectives, securing your loved ones’ long-term future. Below are six reasons why you should consult an independent financial advisor. Provides personalized financial advice based on your needs Independent financial advisors usually aren’t tied to any particular investment products or even fund family. So, whether you need help with a tax issue, retirement planning, managing assets at various locations, or estate planning, an independent advisor has the freedom to pick from many different investment options to personalize advice based on what is best for you.
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An independent financial advisor may help to address a range of complicated investment needs that emerge when you acquire considerable wealth. Although specific services vary with firms, financial advisors often act as “financial quarterbacks” that focus on your entire financial picture. Some advisors focus on specific investment plans while others focus on comprehensive services, like borrowing, estate planning, inter-generational wealth transfer, charitable giving, sale of business, trusts, and complicated tax situations. Offers a personal, attentive and responsive relationship To provide advice closely associated with your needs and objectives, independent financial advisors first need to understand your situation well. So, many independent financial advisors create strong relationships with customers. This usually takes regular, constant interactions. And since many advisors are entrepreneurs who own businesses, they consider themselves answerable to their customers. Know who is keeping your finances Independent advisors hire independent custodians to hold and protect clients’ assets. This provides are a useful checks and balances system–the same party that gives you advice on investing your money doesn’t keep your money. Offers a simple, transparent fee structure Independent advisors usually charge a fee that’s based on the percentage of assets they manage. This fee structure can have plenty of benefits. It is transparent, easy to understand and simple, which helps you avoid surprises. It also motivates your advisor to help increase your assets. You and your financial advisor succeed at the same time. Gives some peace of mind Money is such a complex issue and there are lots of things to consider to both capitalize on it and safeguard it. Markets are usually unpredictable and the media usually blows the risks and rewards out of proportion. Hiring a reliable independent financial advisor will take the weight off your shoulders and transfer it to an expert. Whether you need practical, general, or specialist financial advice from a professional, the money you pay in hiring financial guidance can be repaid several times in the long run.