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Reasons to Use Stainless Steel for Your Kitchen Backsplash

Years ago, steel was exclusive to making utensils and cutlery, but not anymore today. The material is now preferred for its variety of uses and has even evolved into a favorite choice for kitchen backsplashes.

The first thing people admire about a stainless steel backsplash is its contemporary appeal, but definitely, there is more to it than that. Stainless steel, for one, is your most hygienic material of choice as it is non-porous, preventing the reproduction of bacteria in your kitchen.

We know that the kitchen is where food stays the longest in your home, and wherever there’s food, there’s a chance of bacterial growth. By itself, this is a big reason to pick stainless steel over the others.
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Not only is stainless steel visually pleasing, but it is also built to fight stain, water and heat damage. Regular wiping is enough to keep it shiny, and to let you to prepare clean and healthy food for your family and guests. Another distinct advantage of steel is that it’s flexible – you can pretty much have it in each part of your kitchen where other materials are unsuitable.

Sophisticated Charm

Stainless steel backsplashes have an air of sophistication, no matter which part of the kitchen you’ve installed them in. The material is even superb for your countertop as well. Another reason stainless steel is so popular is that its surface is so shiny it reflects light, and that can add make even the tiniest kitchen look less tight. Aside from that, the material is also heat resistant, although when used for countertops, trivets must be used when placing hot pans on them to prevent irreparable burns.

A Contemporary Solution

Steel gives your kitchen a distinctive and memorable feel, especially when placed in a modern design scenario. Still, its contemporary appeal blends smoothly with any color scheme, reason why it will fit even in old-fashioned or vintage-themed kitchens. The biggest difference among different steel products is the finish, which may be made with an entire array of patterns and textures. Review about your overall design concept, and select the finish that suits it perfectly.


Stainless steel backsplashes are actually made of thin metal laminate palettes spread on a plastic base, which is why you can buy them relatively cheap.

Larger Space Illusion

Finally, probably the best part about using a steel backsplash is its radiance effect: the way the smooth surface reflects light is unparalleled by any other material, and the effect makes the room look much brighter and larger than it really is. For optimum results however, you’re better off consulting an experienced professional who can make the right considerations regarding light and metal surface balance.