International Travel: Three Tips for Newbies

Heading to another country can be both exciting and a little scary. The opportunity to travel abroad is an amazing experience, especially if travelers spend a little bit of time in preparation for the trip. While obtaining a passport and having some extra cash on hand is important, here are a couple of other things to keep in mind when heading to a new place.

Check Credit Card Fees

There’s often a lot to do and see in a new country and most of these experiences are going to have some type of cost. New travelers often assume that they can use their credit cards, just like they do in the US, and everything will be fine. In reality, everything will be fine until the credit card statement arrives. Several banks have international fees that are attached to each purchase made in a different country. This adds up quickly. Consider looking for a card that doesn’t have fees for international purchases.

Bring Clothing in the Carry On Bag

Losing luggage on any trip can be a nightmare. But losing luggage while headed to a different country can be even more stressful. It can be tough to track down the luggage and even more challenging to try and find replacements in a foreign place that a traveler is unfamiliar with. Instead, bring a change of clothes in the carry on bag. That way, if things get lost, alternative clothing is available. One outfit can be cleaned while the other is worn. As a side note, any important medications should also be brought along in the carry on bag.

Purchase an Adapter

New travelers don’t always realize that not every country has the same type of outlets. This can be a real problem when the time comes to charge a cellphone or plug in a laptop. Before heading out, make sure to purchase an international adapter. There are several versions that will work in hundreds of countries worldwide. This means that whether you need to use the blow dryer in England or recharge the camera in India, it is possible to have access to electricity.