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Tips in Choosing The Perfect Dog Crate Size

As a pet owner, there’s no doubt that you’ve already decided to buy a dog crate for your awesome companion whether it be for travelling purposes, to inhibit or change his chewing habits or even to make it easier for him to break in to your new home. If you think about the nature of dogs and their instincts, it would surely make you realize that there’s really no problem in letting your dog coop up inside their dog crate, since it basically acts as a form of den which is more comfortable for them as it makes them feel secure from external elements.

Make sure though that regardless of what your using the crate for, it is important to ensure that the dog crate size is right, and that for them, it would be like a small den. With dogs coming with different sizes, it is important to make sure that you purchase the right dog crate size that will provide the best comfort and security for your companion and for this endeavor, you’ll surely find the tips in this page to be incredibly helpful.

In this page, you’ll find precious tips that will make it easier for you to determine the most favorable dog crate size to purchase but, it should be emphasized that you should still take into account other ideas from other articles that may provide you with suggestions that are dependent on breed and alike. It is evident that the first step is to actually know the size of your dog by measuring him or her. The first point of action is for you to find out your dog’s length and the process is simple – you just need to take the measurement tape and take the measurements from their nose to their tail while taking into account whether the dog’s tail is hard or soft so you can avoid getting the wrong length. The next thing you have to get is t he height, and this is something that you should get when your dog is sitting since it is the length from the ground up to the topmost part of your dog’s head. Getting a dog crate size that’s absolutely their height and length is bound to make them feel uncomfortable, which is why you also need to add about 4 inches or even just 2 inches to the length and height you’ve gotten.

For more reliable estimates, some recommends to add inches that’s equivalent to 10% of the height and length you’ve got from measuring your dog. Of course, this is but one method in identifying the appropriate dog crate size – you can also indulge on more guides online. If you want, you can also visit some pet shop or even a veterinary to ask for suggestions.

Make sure that when buying your dog a crate, the dog crate size is incredibly vital because going for a crate that is too large, may end up ruining the entire thing. When dog crate size is too big, they may view the crate as a form of big abode with a rest room, which may end up motivating them to defecate inside their crate.

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